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The Children's Festival
of Stories

Our Mission

The mission of Denver’s Children’s Festival of Stories is to promote literacy, celebrate children’s books and share the joys of reading. Through this event, we aim to provide literacy experiences for young readers, offering them opportunities to engage with authors, illustrators and stories.  The organizers have committed to keeping this a FREE event in order to provide access to all children.


McNichols Civic Center Building

The McNichols Civic Center Building is located at the northwest corner of Civic Center Park, at the intersection of Colfax and Bannock. In 1909, the cornerstone of the building was laid, setting the foundation for the then Carnegie Library that would become a center of learning in the park. That tradition continues, as the building was re-opened in 2012 as a contemporary hub for arts and culture for the people of Denver. This stunning Greek Revival building with its classic Corinthian columns and iconic colonnade across its front, offers new experiences in a classic space.


Books to Kids


Books to Kids is committed to:

Making books available to ALL children.

Helping children find joy in reading.

Helping children connect with their favorite authors & illustrators.

Everything we do is to promote and enrich children's literacy.

Visit their website:

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