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98% of school administrators believe that theatre programs strengthen student's critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and leadership skills. -

And we believe that to be true as well.  The Story Bakers started baking their "story cakes" in 2018 in

in Fort Collins, CO. We are a local theater production company working with grade K-5 students and their teachers to enhance and enrich writing, storytelling and the performing arts while re enforcing the schools' writing curriculum. The Story Bakers are professional actors who turn students' original stories into sketch comedy and live drama skits. Using music, props and costumes, the students see their stories come to life before their eyes in their own classroom, theater or gymnasium.

By pairing experienced teachers with talented artists, we bring to life a broad range of academic subjects in a way that is both memorable and effective. This unique combination of style and substance harnesses students’ own passion and curiosity, while still providing them with clear, effective, and academically appropriate lessons. The Story Bakers’ curriculum focuses on core elements of national standards for Arts Education and English Language Arts, while providing rich cultural experiences that push the boundaries of traditional enrichment to tackle substantive educational goals like vocabulary development, story structure, revision, and confident self-expression.

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Enjoy delicious food & drink from our local vendors at the festival.

Hot coffee to start your morning from BREW CULTURE COFFEE, Food Truck fare from MAC 'N NOODLES and

MILE HIGH CAJUN, as well a complementary ice cream from LITTLE MAN ICE CREAM. 

Enjoy spending your Saturday with us at the Children's Festival of Stories!

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